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09.04.2020 11:27 Age: 47 days

03 Medial implementation of a best-practice example

Support in publicising positive aspects of mentoring relationships

Education paves the way to the future for young people. Since a successful transition into working life and social integration in Germany still depends heavily on the social and economic situation of the parents' home, ROCK YOUR LIFE! Halle e.V., a student initiative, actively supports more equal opportunities and educational justice. In order to counteract these dependencies, ROCK YOUR LIFE! creates one to two-year mentoring relationships between MLU students and pupils from Halle-Neustadt. The relationships are accompanied by three to four training sessions and joint events with the mentors and mentees.

The students have the opportunity to work on one or more so-called "best practice examples" in terms of media and/or design. This means that positive examples of a mentoring relationship from one of our current/last cohorts are creatively processed in the form of a film, an article in a (supra)regional magazine or newspaper with a picture contribution, a photo series, etc. The concrete implementation, contacting the different actors, conducting the interview and finishing the final product is entirely up to the two students and can thus be adapted to their individual interests and strengths (by arrangement).


Tasks for students:

  • Medial/creative processing of "best practice examples" in the field of mentoring relationships (creation of a film, newspaper article, photo series or similar)
  • conducting interviews



Information for international students:


Since the interviews are to be conducted with young people, among others, it is advantageous if at least one person with a very good knowledge of German is involved in the project. The members of our organisation team all speak English and experience with international students is provided.



Required and/or preferred skills:


  • Ability to work in a team
  • Interest in the topic
  • Very good communication and social skills
  • Creativity and ingenuity
  • Basic organizational talent



Preferred field of study:


  • Humanities and Social Sciences