Research at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

Commissioned by the Agentur mehrwert gGmbH and with the financial assistance of the Robert-Bosch Foundation, MLU is currently conducting research on the status of service learning at German universities. This evaluation is being undertaken on the basis of standardized on-line surveys at all German universities as well as qualitative case studies at selected universities. Research has shown that in 2011 about 15% of all German universities, 56 in total, used the term service learning for activities of this nature. 35 universities, or about 10% of universities, have provided concrete information/data on how they run their service learning activities.   

  • At 25 universities, service learning was initiated by committed  individual faculty members or scientific assistants
  • Service learning is primarily offered by the humanities, social science (14=40%) or economics departments (12=34%)
  • In more than half of all cases (20=57%), service learning activities ran for four to six months