Service learning partners

By means of student learning and student action, service learning establishes a link between the university and the community. Highly diverse groups of people, organizations and institutions are thus part of the service learning process  


The beneficiaries of the civic engagement are  

  • Specific groups of people and the general public who receive support, attention or information


Civic organizations (community partners)

  • Non-profit organizations as well as their services and institutions with a local, regional national and/or international sphere of influence are supported in their work and receive access to current scientific finding.



  • Men and women, who are enrolled at the university and who contribute their specialist and personal competence, obtain insights into real world settings, enhance their skills and experience self-efficacy.   



  • University faculty and research associates, who offer university courses and research projects with service learning content, apply scientific findings to practical applications, are provided with new ideas for their teaching and research, and find themselves and their students in new roles    



  • Universities, technical universities, universities for music or the fine arts, pedagogical universities, universities of applied sciences with specific profiles or full-fledged curricula as well as a social standing and profile make use of innovative teaching methods, cooperate with new partners and have an impact on society.