General key qualifications – elective module of bachelor studies at the MLU


Civil society:  self-organized initiatives, groups and organizations which associate to advance common interests between the market, the state and private households (the family)  


Groups or entities that share common social interests within a community 

Community-based research

Community-related research conducted as an equal partnership between (members of) a community and formally trained researchers

Community Partner

Organizations or groups of people committed to alleviating social concerns who integrate students in their work by means of service learning 


Service to the community with a strong emphasis on public welfare, community involvement and a democratic context

Non-Profit organization

An organization, whose primary objective is to support public welfare rather than make a profit  


Focused analysis and linkage between experience (practice) and knowledge (theory) in order to gain a more in-depth and long-lasting understanding of the subject matter 


Community service involvement in the framework of service learning

Service Learning

Students engage in meaningful service to the community while undergoing academic instruction and combining both through focused reflection