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02 International Women's Project

Creative engagement of students for women with refugee experience

Malteser Hilfsdienst e. V. in Germany is a Catholic relief organisation. In total, Malteser is active in refugee relief at more than 140 locations in Germany and cares for about 50,000 people every day. Daily, 1,700 full-time staff members and more than 4,000 volunteers take care of the arriving refugees in the different facilities. In addition to the first reception centre in Halle, Malteser is active in other locations in the social care of refugees. The work of the numerous members of staff and volunteers is coordinated centrally by the Refugee Aid Unit of the regional office in Magdeburg.

The aim of the CarIMa project is to create a platform that brings women (with and without refugee experience) together and offers them a space to meet, exchange and growth. This is intended to create sustainable connections that make it easier for the refugee women to find their way in German society. In addition to the "Frauencafé", workshops, projects, excursions, etc. are organised in consultation with the women as required.

We hope that these activities can continue after Corona and are looking for creative, digital and sustainable ways to support the women from a distance (or without physical contact) and to give them the feeling that we are there for them now. So there are no limits for your ideas. You can try out different formats, programs, apps etc. or develop, plan and implement your own ideas.


You can get involved in the following areas:


  • Conception of an online women's café with the opportunity to practise/speak German, to help with homework or in everyday life ((tandem) telephone, chat, video etc.)
  • Development of creative opportunities to play, learn and exercise for children who are currently unable to attend kindergarten and school
  • Planning an urban gardening project (e.g. development of a planting calendar; in which months, what can be sown and harvested? When does a garden need to be winterized? What can also be well planted/propagate at home? etc.)



Information for international students:


Since it is an international project, students with little knowledge of German are also welcome to participate. Important is that we can communicate organizationally and communication with the women on a digital level works. This can be in English or other languages (e.g. Arabic or Persian, or even without language, on other levels).



Required and/or preferred skills:


  • We are a project for women, therefore it is important that the students are also women
  • Experience in intercultural/transcultural work and project management is preferred
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Willingness to deal with the empowerment concept
  • Reliability and independence
  • Creative ideas and a drive for action



Preferred field of study:


  • Educational Sciences/ Pedagogy
  • Middle East Studies/ Arabic Studies
  • Political science, (possibly management of natural resources etc.)
  • Open for other courses of study at given interest