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17.04.2020 12:20 Age: 38 days

06 Corona School

Digital learning support

Not only schools, but also most universities have closed their doors. Public life is as good as shut down. Many pupils are currently confronted with tasks and learning material for the next weeks. In case of difficulties and questions there is often no direct contact person, because the school and tutoring providers cannot take care of the pupils as usual. Therefore we connect motivated university students who want to get socially involved with pupils via video chat. Our concept is mainly based on the university students own initiative. First all university students have an aptitude interview with us and are therefore familiar with our values and behavioral guidelines.

We are convinced that in these times it should not be about money but about solidarity. Therefore all our students work on a voluntary basis. So we want to provide a virtual learning environment that is accessible to all and helps learners and their parents to cope better with the new situation. The students accompany several pupils for several weeks and support them with their schoolwork, exam preparation and comprehension questions.


Information for international students:


German language skills, at a good level, are necessary to support pupils.


Required and/or preferred skills:


  • Professional competence - we offer learning support for almost every subject, therefore there are no specific subjects which the student have to master. However, mathematics, English and German are particularly sought after.
  • Didactic skills - we work with pupils of all ages and school forms, therefore didactic skills are essential.


Preferred field of study:


  • Teaching Studies
  • Open to all fields of study