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09.04.2020 11:30 Age: 47 days

04 Counselling of foreigners and people with a migration background

Support in the preparation of guidelines for consulting and public relations

The Volkssolidarität already exists for 75 years as a welfare organisation. It maintains social centres, nursing homes and day-care centres and employs over 1200 people. Since 2018, Volkssolidarität has been running 3 counselling centres that provide advice to sick, disabled and handicapped people.


Tasks for students:


Together with the students, a project of counselling for people with a migration background and foreign people seeking advice should be developed. A guideline should be elaborated, which will address needs, present questions of counselling and explain the social system of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, the website and flyers are to be adapted accordingly.



Information for international students:


A basic knowledge of German is required. Nevertheless, the consultants do have foreign language skills in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Required and/or preferred skills:


  • Openness for new experiences
  • No fear of contact
  • Interest in legal and psycho-social issues



Preferred field of study:


  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Health science, nursing sciences
  • Political sciences
  • Education
  • Jurisprudence