09.04.2020 10:30 Age: 46 days

01 Starting signal for tolerance 2020 - 9th HALLIANZ donation run

9th HALLIANZ charity run planning, organising and carrying out

The Children and Youth Commissioner of the City of Halle (Saale) is the first point of contact for all concerns, questions or suggestions from children and young people living in Halle (Saale). The main focus of his work is to represent the interests of children and young people to municipal politics and local government. Within the framework of our local partnership for democracy "HALLIANZ für Vielfalt" we organise the HALLIANZ funds providing project support for more democracy, tolerance and a welcoming culture. These funds support non-profit commitment and youth projects by the allocation of financial resources. The HALLIANZ support funds are provided both from public federal funds and from donations. In order to be able to make full use of the federal funds, at least 5,000 euros in donations must be raised each year.

The focus of the fundraising activities is the preparation and implementation of the HALLIANZ charity run, which was scheduled to take place on September 17th 2020 for the ninth time. In view of the current situation, we are considering a digital version of the charity run, as we cannot currently assume that events with 1,000 participants can be realized in September.

Within the framework of International Engagiert Studiert, we are looking for students who will organize and support the preparation and ideally also the realization of a digital charity run. Alternative ideas for fundraising in the digital space are also possible. The students are responsible for the organisational planning and preparation of the donation run, as well as for approaching companies and motivating and winning potential donors. Students submit suitable and attractive offers for donor and sponsor requests, there are no limits to their creativity. The students form an organisational team and divide the various tasks among themselves. The team is guided and supported by the HALLIANZ coordination office for diversity (Koordinierungs- und Fachstelle der HALLIANZ für Vielfalt).


Tasks for students:

  • Event Organization/ Management
  • To address and support of corporation partners
  • Attracting participants and donors
  • Public Relations
  • Digital documentation of the preparation and implementation of the project



Information for international students:



Experience with international students/projects is provided. Basic knowledge of German is required but students with little knowledge of German can improve their German language skills.

We hope that the international students will help us to address and attract international students and migrants to participate in the HALLIANZ charity run. Their knowledge can also be of use in the translation of event materials as well as research on the implementation and organisation of charity runs in an international context. With us you can get to know the work in municipal administrative structures and network committees.



Required and/or preferred skills:



  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills (design, tables, graphics...)
  • Basic knowledge of event organisation (e.g. charity events)
  • Independent work skills and writing of texts
  • knowledge of local government
  • binding and positive appearance towards company and cooperation partners



Preferred field of study:


  • Media and communication sciences
  • educational sciences, teaching profession
  • sociology, political sciences
  • business administration/marketing/fundraising
  • sports sciences
  • Open to all fields of study