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07 Help with homework and German lessons for children and adults with a migration background

Support in educational work for people with a migration background

In the ecumenical initiative ZEITPATEN e. V. volunteers support people who come to Halle as fugitives in their efforts for integration. Through personal encounters between locals and immigrants, the association works for the mutual reduction of fears and possible prejudices. This is done, for example, through regular homework help/ German lessons and the annual celebration, but also through personal contact between ZEITPATEN and migrants.


Homework help/German lessons

Location: Evangelical Lutheran congregation Halle (Saale), Damaschkestraße 100a

The offer takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 - 5 p.m.

Each afternoon 5 volunteers help approx. 20 children and adults with their homework or give German lessons. Participation in at least one of the three afternoons is desired.


Another task should be the recruitment of further ZEITPATEN. Especially at the university, the project should be made better known: Students can write an article in the student newspaper, advertise in courses, and so on.


Information for international students:


Knowledge of German is recommended for homework help/German lessons. Some homework assistants have knowledge of the English language.


Required and/or preferred skills:


  • Open-mindedness 
  • Tolerance 
  • Basic knowledge of the German language 
  • Ability to work in a team 
  • Creativity


Preferred field of study:


  • Open to all fields of studies