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05 Support and orientation in the everyday life of refugee women and children

We are looking for support for refugee women in the area of language development and everyday accompaniment

Who are we?

The Frauenflüchtlingshaus (House for refugee women) (FFH) is a sheltered community for up to ten single women with or without children (men are not allowed).


Who is our target group?

Refugee women, in need of protection with/without children who have experienced violence in their country of origin, on their flight or in a shared accommodation, who are traumatized, psychologically burdened or who find themselves in a special life situation (e. g. pregnancy).


Our tasks:

Counselling, accompaniment, orientation and support in coping with and shaping everyday life; empowerment; reactivation of women's own abilities and resources; conveying intercultural offers of help; organisation of needs-oriented events; crisis intervention; help for self-help; German lessons; joint group activities; organisation of appointments with authorities, doctors and other institutions.


Opportunities for students:

- Help with learning German/doing homework (the women here are not entitled to an integration course and are currently learning German at the Welcome-Treff)

- Spending time with the women and their children if necessary, e.g. walking along the Peißnitz, visiting the zoo, going to the theatre, helping with shopping (e.g. things for the children, for the household) etc. The costs for e.g. zoo visits are taken over by the Frauenflüchtlingshaus (FFH).

- Arrange doctor's appointments for the women

- Accompaniment of women (and children) on appointments

- Accompany women to clothing stores (show free clothing)

- Purchase of cleaning agents, play and employment materials

- Carry out cooking evenings with the women


Information for international students:


The full-time and voluntary employees have German and English language skills as well as basic knowledge of Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic and French. A basic knowledge of German is required (e. g. for making appointments by telephone, accompanying patients to authorities and doctors). For communication with women and employees it is sufficient to speak one of the above-mentioned languages.


Required and/or preferred skills:


  • Interest in working with refugees and traumatized women and children
  • Empathy 
  • Openness, ability to make contacts and own ability to deal with conflicts 
  • Independent working methods and tasks (e.g. appointment organization, administration) 
  • Language skills: English and/or French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian 
  • For women only!


Preferred field of study:


  • Especially: educational sciences, psychology, cultural sciences, linguistics 
  • But with sincere interest and openness of the student: any course of studies.