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02 Support for disadvantaged pupils

Support for pupils to improve educational opportunities

We support pupils from low-income backgrounds with voluntary homework supervision. We work primarily with children and youth homes and youth clubs, but individual pupils can also register with us. In addition to imparting specialist knowledge, it is also important to us to convey the fun of learning and to enable the pupils to experience success. By working with "Studenten bilden Schüler" (students educate pupils), students gain an insight into pedagogical practice and can further develop their social skills. They may also gain insight into social classes with which they would otherwise have no contact and can thus broaden their field of vision.


We are looking for students who would like to support one pupil at least once a week. We have pupils from all subject and age groups who need help with homework or learning for tests and exams. We would be pleased to receive particularly support in natural sciences subjects. The hours include the preparation and implementation of the supervision and participation in the monthly regulars' table of all volunteers in order to exchange experiences. The date for the weekly support is arranged individually between the pupil and the volunteer.


Information for international students:


Since we also frequently place pupils with a migration background, students with little knowledge of German may be able to help with other language skills and help the pupils in this way. The site managers all speak English.


Required and/or preferred skills:


  • Openness and patience in dealing with young people
  • Knowledge about the respective school subject (does not necessarily have to be the subject of study) and motivation to acquire new knowledge if necessary.


Preferred field of study:


  • We are open to all courses of study. Students do not necessarily have to study the subject in which they support the pupils, as long as they have adequate knowledge.